Why Choose Us

North Pointe Legal, PLLC provides comprehensive and compassionate legal representation to clients in criminal defense, child abuse and neglect, and family law. Attorney Tracie M. Dinehart and her team have built a reputation among colleagues and clients in the Ludington area for their relentless commitment to justice.

Aggressive Pursuit of Justice

Tracie’s dedication to achieving just outcomes for her clients comes from her years of experience working in the justice system. She has seen firsthand how often that system denies justice to people. She and her team will fight to defend her clients from criminal charges and keep families together. They believe that everyone deserves due process and that keeping the system operating fairly benefits all of society.

Much of North Pointe Legal’s practice focuses on children and parents. Michigan’s CPS system can produce numerous unjust outcomes. For example, it places anyone accused of abuse on a Central Registry, regardless of whether they have received any sort of adjudication of guilt. NorthPointe Legal is one of the few law firms in Michigan that works to get clients’ records expunged from the Central Registry when they have no conviction or other adjudication.

Honest, No-Nonsense Legal Counsel

Tracie and her team strive to provide honest counsel at all stages of a case. She takes a no-nonsense approach to legal matters that can have serious impacts on people’s lives. She deals honestly and forthrightly with her clients, and she expects the same from them. Tracie views each client as a partner in their case. Open communication allows the firm to provide the best possible representation. It also empowers clients to advocate for themselves when their cases are over.

Vigorous Courtroom Advocacy

Tracie has practiced in multiple areas of law during her career, but she has always found that the courtroom is where she does her best work. She thrives on advocating for her clients’ rights. She is constantly working to improve her trial skills in order to provide the most effective representation possible.

Commitment to Helping Clients Thrive

Tracie and her team want to do more than just defend their clients successfully. They want to give each client the best possible chance at a successful life. The firm often connects clients with community resources that provide a range of services and assistance.

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